Corporate & Commercial Law

At George Papamihail size doesn’t matter.

Currently we act for a number of international corporations, sole traders and other small to medium enterprise. Whatever your business size, you can talk to our commercial law experts about both the issues you may be experiencing and help your business in realising the benefit your business can have.

In our experience, it is all too common that people are advised to start a business with a corporation for the tax benefits but little, if any, further details are explained to the client.

We have found that clients will then be caught up doing endless hours of work and seeming to get nowhere. Also, it has become apparent that the benefit of being a company is lost when clients sign unlimited director’s guarantees.

Even if you have been in business for years, it is beneficial to understand the full nature of your business and perhaps discover processes that could improve your business.

Our staff will focus on matters that will make your business profitable and sustainable and free up your time to realize the benefit of the business. Further, we can ensure that the protections afforded to you by incorporating are not waived.

Our staff can meet with you, attend your business and provide an objective perspective of your business to assist you in:

  • Focusing on important work;
  • Leadership;
  • Recovery of debts;
  • Identifying lost or haemorrhaging income;
  • Automating processes;
  • Risk management;
  • Succession planning